Reisterstown, MD

Owner: ARMZ, LLC
Architect: Levin/Brown Architects

Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) was selected to construct a two-story office building addition to the original historic structure. The original structure was a duplex built between 1798 and 1800 called the Lanius House. This structure which is now being renovated to include modern tenant spaces, will remain the dominant elevation along Main Street in Reisterstown, MD.

There were great challenges and some surprises in renovating this property. The standards for the Baltimore County Landmarks Preservation Commission and United State Secretary emphasize that an addition to a historic building must be unobtrusive of its surroundings, any exterior features must be repaired or replaced “in kind” with something very similar to the original structure. For the interior changes, there is very little in the way of restrictions.

In response to these concerns, modifications were made to pull back the south face of the addition which was to remain the same as that of the earlier shed addition. To maintain the historic look the massing was broken into small increments, and the twin gable element repeated the basic form found in the adjacent property. The size of the building is 6,200 square-foot addition, including a continuing open gallery which maintains a rhythm consistent with the original open front porch on the north elevation. Likewise, the stepped-down roofline will create a clear separation from the historic structure, which will be further emphasized through the selection of appropriate building materials.

The scope of work for this project included:

  • two-story wood frame
  • grading
  • stormwater management
  • new parking area
  • new windows and doors
  • New two story elevator
  • 2nd floor exterior walkway
  • Hardiplan siding and composite trim
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