Raleigh, NC

Owner: North Carolina State University
Architect: NCSU Design and Construction Management

Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) provided the North Carolina State University fit-up services for the Cox Hall project. Built in 1960 in honor of a pioneer in statistics and the first woman to be both full professor and department head, Gertrude Mary Cox.

Cox Hall is a six-story structure consisting of 64,921 square feet, housing labs, lecture rooms, computer facilities and offices. The current residents of Cox Hall are physical and mathematical science, students and Faculty.

All work was performed while regularly scheduled classes continued. PCCI provided the following scope of work:

  • demolition of walls for new door openings
  • installation of new wall partitions and doors
  • installation of new HVAC ducts and dampers
  • installation and relocation of new receptacles and data boxes
  • painting of new partitions and doors to match existing field conditions
  • installation of new carpet and rubber base to match existing field conditions.
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