Hendersonville, NC

Owner: Town of Henderson
Architect: Apple Valley Model Train Club

For the past ten years, 25 percent of the Hendersonville Train Depot has been used by the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club (AVMRC) for their model train tracks and dioramas. The rest of the station was slowly deteriorating. Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) was directed to rejuvenate the old waiting room to represent conditions in the 1920’s to become a community meeting space with new public bathrooms, turn the old station masters office into shop space for AVMRC, and to expand the remaining space for model train staging. The scope of work for this project included:


  • selective demolition
  • concrete repairs at interior floors
  • restoration of all exterior doors and exterior door hardware
  • removal of all exposed modern wiring, plumbing, and HVAC
  • components in the waiting room and running them behind walls
  • repairs and patching of original interior and exterior tongue and groove, siding, and trim
  • complete interior paint
  • repair of chimneys and exterior rot repair
  • new HVAC and electrical upgrades
  • new bathroom and utility room upgrades.
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