Currituck, NC

Owner: Currituck County
Architect: Rodriguez Ripley Maddux Motley

This 2-story 1,800 square foot schoolhouse consists of two (2) classrooms and a strict symmetrical effect was constructed in 1867 for educational purposes to the African-American people.

Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) provided an assessment survey report/feasibility study with recommendations and developed a restoration program. In order to repair the deteriorated first floor framing and perimeter supporting structure, we needed to stabilize the building which involved hydraulically elevating the entire building free of the brick foundation so the installation of new footers and rebuilding of the piers could be done at a higher elevation. While repairing/replacing the deteriorated timber frame components we used Tidewater Red Cypress
material reclaimed from a local barn recently dismantled which was also built by African-American slaves during the pre-Civil War era.

PCCI also provided the restoration/rehabilitation of the shell to include:

  • repairing remaining structural components
  • siding, trim and moldings
  • millwork
  • windows/doors
  • roofing
  • steeple and spire
  • reconstruct exterior rear stair system
  • painting

PCCI is currently restoring the interior to its original configuration, finishes and installation of the museum exhibits and furnishings such as the student desks, black slate caulk boards, and
installation of modern conveniences such as heating, air, and electricity, etc.

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