Raleigh, NC

Owner: North Carolina State University
Architect: Cannon Architects

Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) provided the auditorium renovations for North Carolina State University – College of Design’s
Kamphoefner Hall. The auditorium was originally designed with seating on three sides and with the students facing a side wall, which limited seating and visibility for many students.

All work was performed while regularly scheduled classes continued on the upper levels. The scope of this project was:

  • demolition of the existing auditorium
  • new 180 seat auditorium within the existing space
  • new projection booth, gallery and exhibition area
  • the expansion and renovation of three classrooms
  • shoring and selective demolition of pre-cast structural concrete
  • demolish concrete slab and all interior finishes
  • asbestos abatement of under ground duct and replaced with fiberglass duct
  • new structural concrete and masonry for stadium style seating
  • light gauge metal stud framing and gypsum
  • custom wood paneling
  • acoustical wall panels
  • new carpet, paint, marker boards and projection screen
  • fixed audience seating
  • new mechanical, electrical and fire alarm systems
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