Marion, NC

Owner: City of Marion
Architect: HagerSmith Design

The Marion station dates to the mid 1800’s. The main section of the depot has been expanded several times between 1957 and 1970’s. The rate of train speed has increased from 10 mph to 60 mph since the station was first erected, causing severe vibrations which blasted away the mortar on the lower portions of the brick walls adjoining the tracks. The interior was mostly in good shape, with exposed brick, ceiling beams and signs on the walls indicating where cargo was to be dropped.

Meticulous care was taken to match the original materials where possible. To restore the exterior, PCCI had to locate brick that matched not only the color and texture of the original material but also the same compressive strength. After an eight-month process, a house was found in Leicester, made of similar brick, which was being torn down. As a result, the restoration work is only detectable up close. The scope of work for this project included:


  • indoor stage at the old freight room with full PA system
  • interior trim detailing to suggest a 1920’s atmosphere
  • custom doors at interior and exterior
  • custom windows to fill old freight door openings
  • museum cases to hold local train memorabilia
  • landscaping, fountain, and an outdoor sculpture made of huge sections of rail
  • new ADA restrooms
  • new steel fencing to match Federal rail specifications and ADA ramps
  • new kitchen area
  • offices and meeting space for the Marion Chamber of Commerce, and station master office space for the future when train travel resumes
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