Pinehurst Brewery Renovation

Located in what was an abandoned, overgrown, brick steam plant that once provided power to the Village of Pinehurst, the steam plant is now a thriving micro-brewery and restaurant. Complete with Core 10 steel columns, acrylic skylights, site-built millwork utilizing rough sawn, ship lap pine siding, sealed concrete floors, vintage sinks, exposed brick walls, ornamental ironwork custom fabricated from abandoned steam plant equipment, and table tops milled from the lumber salvaged out a 48″ diameter chestnut oak tree, the Brewery offers a one of a kind experience.

PCCI’s involvement in the Pinehurst Brewery Renovation began in August 2016 with a few 11″ x 17″ floor-plans, a site plan concept, and a vision of what could be. By July 2017, PCCI began construction with a four month long asbestos abatement phase and completed with a Certificate of Occupancy in September 2018. Through the entire process, PCCI worked closely with the Owner, Designers, and Brewery Consultant to create an environment that mixed the vintage 1895 steam plant with just the right mix of today’s modern construction needs.

The site construction portion of the Brewery had its own unique set of challenges. Located on 1.38 acres in the Village of Pinehurst’s Historic Overlay district, the site design had to incorporate two detention ponds, numerous brick retaining walls, a trash coral, beer garden with trellis system to mimic the coral car trellis, brick curbing, brick sidewalks, and a new roadway/parking area earmarked for dedication back to the Village of Pinehurst.

The Brewery project epitomizes PCCI’s ability to work within pre-determined time frames, on confined construction sites, and within city, state, local municipality requirements.

Pinehurst Brewery Renovation

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