Roanoke, NC

Owner: Roanoke Rapids Public Schools
Architect: In-house, Design-Build

The Roanoke Rapids High School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered to be an extraordinary example of majestic design and a special place to foster culture and higher education within the students. Private local donations were used to build the school in place of the standard version offered by the school district during the 1920’s which features a complete and very grand live performances
theater with orchestra pit. The theater stage which is mounted on rails can be mechanically glided over the orchestra pit to open the Olympic size swimming pool located under the stage when the theater is not in use.

Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. provided restoration, renovation, and repair services to include:

  • brick masonry and stone balustrade repair, repointing, and cleaning
  • exterior windows and doors restoration and hardware rehabilitation
  • roof system and drainage systems repairs
  • interior floor framing system repairs
  • interior Millwork and trim restoration
  • interior finishes
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