Asheville, NC

Owner: NC Department of Cultural Resources
Architect: Joseph K. Oppermann

The Thomas Wolfe Foundation obtained this historic building in 1949, then in 1975 it was sold to the State of North Carolina. In 1998, an arsonist fire destroyed 25 percent of this Memorial, including the entire roof. After demolition Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. (PCCI) produced a museum quality restoration and refabrication of the 29-room boarding house.

PCCI obtained photos and documentation from early dates to replicate the historic fabric in its original exact location and duplication of color, texture, size and species. PCCI dismantled and reconstructed some areas which included one of the chimneys and the dining room.

structural repairs utilizing steel beams for supporting undersized framing, fire stop blocking, and epoxy repairs of framing
new roof framing, new copper and slate roofing was installed
installed ADA lift to make the first floor handicap accessible
repaired 40% of the masonry foundation
new exterior decks and patios
restored all windows, and replaced all broken glass
repaired/replaced interior and exterior woodwork and built-in gutters
provided interior lead paint abatement
consolidated and reused plaster in some areas
repaired 80% of all doors and reproduced others.
removed and reinstalled flooring to adhere to the upgrade for new electricity, fire protection, and HVAC
removed and reused existing tile for repair of hearths
painted to simulate paint texture seen in 1918.

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