I’m pleased to tell you about Progressive Contracting and Brian Bystry, whom I have know for the last several years. The Columbia Association has worked extensively with Progressive Contracting and Brian Bystry for the last several years on a variety of projects ranging from Historic Restorations to multi-million dollar recreational facilities. Each project is handled with enthusiasm and thoroughness. Progressive Contracting has met project budgets and timelines while maintaining the quality of work, which is no easy task. I am often asked to write reference letters and this is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I can unequivocally recommend Progressive Contracting and Brian Bystry and would be happy to answer questions regarding their work for the Columbia Association. Please feel free to call me at 410-381-0591.

Dennis Mattey

Construction Director, Columbia Association

The thing an owner appreciates is the options and guidance provided when a change order is required or a problem has unexpectedly arisen. As you well know these scenarios are a constant occurrence when constructing a project of our size. Progressive Contracting Company was always able to provide the pros and cons as it reflects function, operation, and cost for me to make intelligent decisions. They always had the best interest of Run N’ Shoot at heart. I felt that on many occasions they went beyond their responsibility to ensure that Run N’ Shoot truly was receiving the maximum benefit of every situation possible.


Michael Kelly

President & CEO, Run N' Shoot

I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone at Progressive for being so flexible during the week of October 15th. Due to a minor crisis in our main building, we had to move our exam takers to the building closest to the one that is under renovation. Your staff -Mike in particular- accommodated our requests for relatively “Quiet” during the exam periods and orchestrating the construction crews to take advantage of period of time that normal construction noise was permissible. Thanks again for helping us through this challenging time.

Michele Wall

Vice President of Operations, American Board of Pediatrics

It has been my pleasure and the pleasure of the staff at FASC to work closely with Mark Dille over the last seven or eight months. I can unequivocally state that Mark and his team here are easily the best the construction companies with whom I have worked. His ability to coordinate the renovation of existing portions of the building while we continue to see patients has been unbelievably smooth and the areas where work has occurred has consistently been clean and functional the following morning. The team that he has assembled has been easy to work with and, in a facility filled with female staff, have been unfailingly polite and efficient. In summary, I would like to state that, if I desire to construct another building in the future, I will certainly choose Progressive Contractors, Inc.

John T. Henley

Jr. MD - Administrator, Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center

Based on my experience of working with Progressive Contracting Company, I am happy to recommend them for future historic preservation projects. Their staff is highly conscientious and have delivered well-managed, high-quality work. Thanks to Jeff and the Progressive crew for taking so much care with this project. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Harris Architects, PLLC

ARTICLE FROM THE NEWS & OBSERVER – Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

DURHAM — Right on time, Durham’s new train depot opened for business at 6:30 this morning and, right on time, its first train pulled in at 7:20 � met by a crowd of rail brass, train buffs, reporters and about a dozen departing passengers. Promptly at 7:22, the Piedmont pulled out for Burlington, Greensboro and points south; and, for the first time since 1965, passenger service in Durham had a full-fledged, permanent station to call its own.

“It couldn’t have gone better,” said Joan Bagherpour, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation’s rail division, who arrived in time to see the doors unlocked.

Occupying the trackside bay of the 1897 Walker Warehouse at West Village, the new station has 10 times the space of the doublewide trailer that served as Durham’s “interim” station since 1996. Its 10,000 square feet accommodates offices, a ticket counter, vending space and restrooms along with a 6,000-square foot waiting room which is, Bagherpour said, the biggest railroad waiting room in North Carolina.

“It’s a gracious space,” said project manager Craig Newton.

With dark bead-board paneling, wooden benches and information racks resembling old-timey post-office pigeonholes, the station’s decor alludes to railroading in times long past.

“It gives our passengers an opportunity to come into a comfortable environment, a somewhat nostalgic railroad environment,” said Michael Jerew, a district manager with DOT.

About 50,000 travelers got onto or off of trains in Durham in the fiscal year 2007-08, Bagherpour said; Durham is the fifth-busiest stop in the state. DOT is leasing the Walker space, long term, from West Village owner Blue Devil Partners, and spent $2.2 million on construction and renovation. The city pays 25 percent of the station’s operating cost, and owns the parking lot off Main Street at the Downtown Loop.

While the new station swung into operation, across the track, a work crew was already dismantling the interim station, which is going to be moved and used for other purposes by the City of Durham, Bagherpour said. Rail passenger service to Durham ended in in 1965, and two years later the city demolished its Italian Renaissance Union Station to make room for the Downtown Loop.

When rail service resumed in 1990, passengers were accommodated by a plexiglass shelter, dubbed “the Amshack,” on Pettigrew Street. In 1996, the city, Durham County and the DOT opened the “interim” station, expecting that a permanent “multimodal transportation center” would soon take its place.

Rail Division

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Demonstrating the power that preservation has in bringing new life to downtown, Progressive Contracting’s rehabilitation of the abandoned City Hall and the neighboring Art Deco-style Coca Cola Building have caused the business leadership in Sanford to think differently about their Downtown.”

Capital Area Preservation Anthemion Award:
2008 for the Halle Cultural Arts Center of Apex
2001 for the Bank of Varina Building and the Varina Hotel in Fuquay-Varina, NC
2000 for the Heck-Andrews House in Raleigh, NC
2000 Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Historic Preservation in the State of NC


Preservation of North Carolina